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Welcome to our '360' Club

A great way for you to support us whilst having a bit of a flutter!


How it works

£3.60 allows Cheshire Streetwise to buy in 10kg of food from Fareshare to supply the provisions for the foodbank we run. 50% of the total monthly funds received will be used as prize money, which will be divided into three chances to win a cash sum.

If you don’t win, your money will go toward buying in supplies to help feed those less fortunate than others, so you get to support the local community in a positive way. 

Join and you could be our next winner!

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First Prize

25% of monthly takings

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Second Prize

12.5% of monthly takings

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Third Prize

12.5% of monthly takings

The more members that join, the greater the potential prize fund will become, and the more food we will be able to secure for the food bank activity.  This will mean that in time, the steering committee can review the amount of prize money paid out based on monthly takings.


Complete and sign the below membership form, and standing order mandate for the total of numbers you wish to purchase. This mandate is set up by you, so you are in control of how much you pay, and how long you remain a member. 


Any queries, please contact Iain Drew-Taylor or Nick Mannion by email at CSW360club@gmail.com, or call 07843 728 646 and leave a message.

Join the '360' Club

I/we understand that Cheshire Streetwise will forward the completed standing order mandate to the bank indicated and that £3.60 or multiples of that figure to the amount of numbers purchased will be taken from my/our account on the first of each month. Or a cheque will be paid to the ‘360’ club account until I/we advise otherwise.


I/we agree that if we wish to cancel this order I/we will also inform Cheshire Streetwise 360 club by email or in writing of this decision one month in advance of the intention to stop payment.