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Sleeping Rough Campaign 2015

On Friday 23rd October, we set out to the underpass by Macclesfield Train Station with some of our volunteers and friends. We set up our 'camp' round the lit section there and had an amazing night. We are very lucky as the weather was mild and the people who visited us were curious and interesting! We met some great people and raised some funds for a good cause.

We want to raise awareness of homelessness in our own community. Last year we raised over a £1,000, provided a full Christmas dinner for the people in our community and gave the remainder to a local charity. This year we wanted to provide a meal again and the rest of the funds are going to emergency accommodation for women who are homeless in Macclesfield. Sometimes there is a delay to provide accommodation specifically for women, and we decided we wanted to help that situation.

Some of our friends who stayed out with us have then been homeless themselves or know people who have been homeless. Many of the people who stopped to talk to us all spoke of knowing someone who had been homeless.

It was amazing to hear the stories of these people and it really brings home how close any of us can be to becoming homeless. I t can be a relationship breakdown, losing a job, moving to a new town.

We hope you enjoy looking at our pictures of the night out. We only did one night and were very lucky to go home the next day.

If you want to donate, please go to the link below

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