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Christine Emery

We wanted to pay tribute to Christine who was a volunteer for Cheshire Streetwise for over 5 years. We lost her on 3rd July and will all miss her hugely. She was a teacher, a counsellor, a support coach, but more importantly, she was our friend. She worked with adults to improve their reading and writing skills, she supported people who were struggling with their situation and was loved by everyone.

She ran workshops with Maggie at SCEAP, the equine facilitated therapy site for Staffordshire and Cheshire. Christine used her sound bowls and energy to help people overcome their anxiety and worries. Christine was passionate about helping people and supporting people who didn't have a voice or the confidence to speak for themselves. She was a fantastic advocate for those people in need. Connecting with Christine, was like the butterfly wings impact. A soft and gentle touch from her, which was far reaching and long lasting. She truly made a difference to many people's lives. Christine's partner, Simon, her son, Paddy and family, daughter Lisa, son in law Tony, and the rest of the family came to the farm at SCEAP where the workshops were run from. She had a deep connection with a horse called Goldie. Her family met with Goldie, sharing their loss with her, but at the same time remembering and celebrating great moments of being with Christine. There was even some drumming and dancing went on. We are certain Christine would have approved!

We will remember her with love and fondness always.

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