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Lockdown 2020!

Cheshire Streetwise

Educate, Safeguard, Support.

Press Release and Update for sponsors.

Cheshire Streetwise would firstly like to thank all its sponsors during this time. There has been a huge increase in demand for food, but also a wave of community spirit pouring through Macclesfield.

Our thanks go to: Cheshire Community Fund , Macclesfield Town Council, (Nick Mannion), Cheshire East Council, Cheshire Voluntary Service, Tescos (Hibel Road, Broken Cross, Exchange Street), Fareshare, Thorneycroft Solicitors, Morrisons, Community Fire Service, Cheshire, Calvary Church, The Chippy at Broken Cross and the people of Macclesfield who have contributed in different ways; both financially and practically. People have been delivering food parcels for us across the town. We have collection points for food for our food bank in Tescos, Hibel Road, Tescos Express, Exchange Street and Savers, Mill Street. There has been continued support from people by the donations of tins, dried foods and toiletries. Please keep it going, we really appreciate everything we are given.

So, what have we been doing during Lockdown?

Our team of volunteers for the food parcels has been kept deliberately small, to ensure health and safety for everyone concerned. We have been collecting food from our regular Tescos collections, through Fareshare. We have been able to use some of the money donated to help towards fuel costs for the deliveries and to buy food. We have been making up food parcels and giving them out from our town centre location, 72, Mill Street. We have also been taking deliveries out to people who are ill, struggling, isolating or unable to get out of their homes. There has been an average of 150 parcels going out each week, with a continued increase in the requests we are receiving. Our team are doing an amazing job of organising the food into parcels, transporting it to the town centre shop and out for delivery. We are now teamed up with Gary Holdcroft, Pastor of Calvary Church and Nick Mannion, Cheshire East Councillor. This means we get more food out to more people!

Ron Booth: lives on the Weston estate and is 90 years young! He missed his birthday party due to the virus, but is determined to enjoy life as it is! We have known Ron for around 5 years and he has been a constant source of information and knowledge about Macclesfield Town. He’s a keen football supporter, his wife was a member of the Challenge group for Peaks and Plains. Streetwise had a bench made in her memory, which is outside our shop on Gilchrist Avenue. A very special place to sit and watch the world go by. Ron used to use a scooter and was often seen zapping around the town, chatting and catching up with everyone. He has been receiving food parcels from us, observing the social distancing, and will wave at us from his door, always giving us a great smile and some witty comments about the current situation. We take him jigsaws when we have them in, as they really help him to pass the time. His family also support him well and shop for him, Streetwise like to know he’s safe and well too. He’s a fantastic gentleman, who we respect very much.

Nick Reed: We have worked with Nick for around 3 years. He was homeless, he lived in a tent near the Golf Club, and had some very serious health issues. We supported him with his housing situation and were delighted when he was given a place of his own. We were able to provide furniture, household items and helped to set him up; he has since had his hip operations and is recovering well. He still has other health issues, which he is managing at the moment. During this crisis, we have been able to continue to give food to Nick and check on his health situation at the same time.

Nick: “ The food parcels have been a Godsend to me during the crisis and other times when I’ve struggled with lack of finances. Not only has it helped me during this crisis, as I am isolated and disabled. I cannot stand in the long queue then walk around the store. 18months ago, I was homeless and the food parcels and support from Streetwise was absolutely outstanding and I couldn’t have got through it without them. They allowed me to store my belongings at the shop, charge my camping batteries, so I could run a fridge in the tent, and supplied me with food. Maggie personally helped me get rehoused and deal with my DWP benefits and was someone I could speak to with ,my problems and challenges that I faced. They have been irreplaceable in their support for which I am truly grateful.”

We have had so much positive feedback from other people across the town;

“You are amazing!”

“You are lifesavers.”

“Thank you so much for sending my parents their parcel.”

This from a lady who doesn’t live in Macclesfield, and couldn’t order any food online for her parents.

We have sent food to the local hostels across Macclesfield as well as supporting individuals, families and anyone in need. The rainbow van is sharing Hope with everyone and Streetwise remain a committed member of the Hope Initiative

Food parcels are available from our shop 72, Mill Street, Macclesfield.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11:00-1:00

Anyone in need can have a food parcel delivered weekly.

Text: 07719509061 with address details and contact number,


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