Who we are


Maggie Falconer- Drew-Taylor B. Ed (Hons) CCET, Diploma in Counselling.


Maggie is a qualified teacher with over 20 years of experience. 

She is  also an Equine Psychotherapist. She is a  specialist within education, and she has devoted her career in the pursuit of supporting others.


Maggie has worked with a variety of people across her varied career, working with all levels of skill and ability and is qualified to complete WRAT4 assessments providing educational statements for students with extra curricular needs.

She has taught in Primary and Secondary schools, in private and public establishments and has worked as a personal tutor. 

She is the driving force behind all that Cheshire Streetwise does with support from her husband Iain, who is a Civil Servant with a 17 year background in law enforcement. He holds a certificate in counselling utilising an empathetic, non-judgemental and pragmatic approach to real world issues. He also provides admin and generalist support to the  operations. 


Maggie has a passion for passing on knowledge, and helping those who may be struggling to keep up with  the pace of modern life.  

Dan Simpson

Dan volunteers for Streetwise and his main role is working with the homeless and those in need of support. He offers practical support, advocacy, a listening ear and a good dose of common sense. Coming from a nursing background, he ensures people get the right medication and care they need. 


He is sometimes spotted in the shop on Mill Street, but mostly out and about in his motorbike! He also supports Sceap, equine therapy and the Positive Herd. 


He is mainly recognised by his great sense of humour, big smile and trying to avoid having his photo taken. 

Antony Ball and Susan Johnson

Antony volunteers for Cheshire Streetwise and is on the furniture team. He helps collect and deliver furniture around Macclesfield area to people in need and to people who have bought furniture. 

He has started a qualification in Customer Service and was given an award from the mayor for his outstanding support through Covid19. 

His volunteering gives him a focus, helps him organise his week and calms his anxiety. 


Sue is Antony's partner and she joined the shop team over 18 months ago. She was struggling at home, and really needed something to help her look outside and become involved with. 


She works in the shop, makes up food parcels, books in viewings and deliveries, and knows most people in town. 


Sue says volunteering has really helped her feel so much more confident in herself. 

Our Impact

Safeguarding and support


Many of the people we meet at Cheshire Streetwise are gloriously unique, and as a result, in some cases they require additional support. Where a clear vulnerability is identified, they also may require safeguarding, and referral on to more specialist help than we can provide.

The world we live in can be a scary enough place, but nobody deserves to feel frightened or at risk from the environment they live in. 

We are here to help.


Cheshire Streetwise offers basic assistance in the form of a soup kitchen, and a place to come and just chat and socialise in a friendly environment or to get out of the cold, or away from other temptations.


We provide a 'gateway' to find or obtain services that some people may not be aware they can have, or maybe unsure of how to access.


Where we can help, we will, but we also have a growing network of contacts and collaborators working alongside us, and we aren't precious about passing you on to the right organisation. Everything we set out to achieve is based on trying to make your community a better place to live.